Striving for a better opportunity is everybody's aim. Working and studying abroad is the best way to achieve these goals and have a better life. PMI is the best tool to reach my goal to work and study in the United Kingdom. They were dedicated to help in managing me to be enlisted for its program in Majestic College and were able to process and approved my visa in four days.

Even up to financial, moral and emotional support they extend their assistance. They serve as my guidance counselors for the past months of my endeavor for this United Kingdom opportunity. PMI surely deserves every credit for they simply grant my dream to study abroad.

Thank you and hoping that you will be able to help more nurses, medical practitioners and other professionals to reach their dreams.

More Power and God bless!

- Divine Uy


I decided to apply for a student visa because I know it would give me a better edge among others. As we all know the competition is tough so you should be internationally recognized. Another reason is that it would give me an opportunity to learn more things and improve myself as well.

PM helped me a lot during the whole process of applying for the visa. They guided me in things like what should I submit and the things I needed to do.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank the whole staff of PM for guiding me through. You guys are very friendly & accommodating that is why I trusted your company the whole while.

Again, thank you very much & God Bless. Thanks.

- Mark Plamvirge


Each of us has our biggest aspirations in life. Goals that give us the reason to strive and work hard shapes us into what persons we become. Life has its own way of showing us how it is to truly live, some may have some but some may have nothing as well. Lucky are those who eats in a silver platter and bless those who barely eats. This is what makes us struggle, the one that gives us the will to have a better life not only for ourselves but also for the ones we love. Education is truly one of the key aspects to success that is why finishing college and having titles right next to our name gives us the most fulfilling emotion, but it doesn't end there. This is the chapter of my life where reality begins. I am now a certified adult that needs to walk off my parents' shadows. It is now that I establish myself on my own and invest for the future. As a registered nurse, many opportunities are offered but not here in our country. I am aware that overseas offer the best settlement for my chosen profession however going through process of application is never that easy. As a fresh Graduate, I venture into a lot of things to finally find a good paying job and have the chance to help my family and again it's not s simple as counting 1-2-3. Fortunately, an opportunity came and I applied for a student-visa to UK to hopefully fulfill my dreams there. I can only know much but thanks to Phil.Management Incorporated, everything was just one step away.

Phil.Management Inc. has truly worked its ways and has shown its best efforts to help. They have remained consistent in assisting and supporting us along the way. I was granted with a student visa in 2 days time. I never imagined it so fast and as real as this and again, I comment PMI's fullest support. I greatly owe them for this chance of a lifetime to finally reach for my dreams. Thank you to all its members and staff who warmly welcomes us every time. Especially to Ma'am Betty Chua, Jannine Viray and Krissa Pader who really stayed focused in working hand in hand with us while completing the requirements. May you all continue to help others reach for their dreams and may the Good Lord bless you all.

With all gratitude, I thank you all from the bottom of my heart and I promise not to forget.

- Angeline Gracielle H. Lacson


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