We are a Philippine-organized and registered corporation with the Securities and Exchange Commission.

We have been successfully involved in providing consultancy and advisory services on various areas relative to Philippine transactions or business matters of foreign entities. With a particular focus especialy to North America, New Zealand, Australia and United Kingdom, we have been providing our clientele the needed support and technical expertise to help them establish their business in the Philippines. This service we continue to provide today with the same commitment and dynamics of our team has earned the trust and confidence of our partners.

While we have made our presence felt with our success stories, we also acknowledge that, to be able to expand the scope of our service, we must explore other avenues where our involvement can make a similarly substantial impact.

Thus, we have diversified our services to include processing other types of visas for the steadily growing number of people who seek opportunities for advancement abroad by acquiring an education experience overseas.

With our team of highly-qualified professionals, along with our partnership with key institutions in leading countries of destination, we commit ourselves to helping aspiring individuals prepare for the global job market.

These days, businesses and individuals who seek opportunities for growth in the middle of this uncertain economic climate face a myriad of challenges and requirements. We at Phil.Management, Inc. will provide the support and expertise to help our clients achieve their goals.

Our Values

We at Phil.Management, Inc. believe that Professionalism is one of the key attributes that any client would look for in any service provider. Thus, we make it our firm commitment to ensure that our involvement in our clients´┐Ż projects and initiatives is always characterized by utmost professionalism, which we manifest in all the stages of any project that we engage in.

Our Commitment to serve is our promise to our clients. We are steadfast in our pursuit of excellence in the delivery of our brand of service and consider our clients´┐Ż success as our own. We respond to the needs and requirements of our customers by ensuring that they come first.

We acknowledge and appreciate the value of Confidentiality in any business transaction. As such, we assure our clients that all information entrusted to us are held in strictest confidence.


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