1.     Do I need  a Visa to enter UK?

-           Yes. You will need a student visa to enter UK.


2.     How do I qualify to apply for a UK student visa?

-           You need to be accepted on a course of study by a duly licensed UK educational provider.  And you should be able to show you can afford to support yourself while in UK.


3.     What documents do I need to submit?

-           Passport and supporting documents such as Diploma, UK school acceptance letter, bank statement, etc.  


4.     What courses are offered in your partner school?

-           Courses offered are NVQ Health and Social Care and NVQ Customer Service. Soon to offer is Travel and Tourism related courses.


5.     How long will I study in UK?

-           Courses vary depending on the course you take.


6.     Can I work while studying in UK?

-           British Government welcomes international students and allows them to work for 20 hours per week to support their studies.


7.     Can I bring my spouse and children to UK?

-           Yes, as long as you have sufficient funds to support them.


8.     How soon can I get my student visa?

-           The processing period varies per student.  Decision will come from the British Embassy. Result may vary from 1 week to several weeks.

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