Consultancy Services

I. Business & Management Advisory

      A. Advisory
             - Legal
             - Regulatory
             - Strategies
      B. Implementation
             - Support System

      C. Transaction
             - Negotiation
             - Execution of Agreements

II. Student Advisory

             - Document Assessment
             - Professional Guidance

Our Service Offerings

In line with our efforts to expand the scope of our services, Phil.Management, Inc. now specializes both in providing business consultancy or advisory services, and furnishing aspiring individuals with the necessary support relative to their student visa application.

Our knowledge of the Philippine business landscape and our expertise in providing advisory and consultancy services to assist our clients in establishing and starting their business in the Philippines has led to many success stories among our business partners.

Similarly, with our partnership with reputable educational institutions based abroad, we provide the best advice and facilitate the processing of our clients applications for student visa. 


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